The 3 things you must do in Las Vegas if you’re there for only a day.

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But for real, if you only have one day in Las Vegas, what are your plans?

With our jobs, we often find ourselves “stuck” in cities for only 10-24 hours and many times they are places that we have never been before. Las Vegas is one of our favorites to get stuck in.. Kinda funny how I say stuck and your probably thinking “those bastards get to go Las Vegas for free and stay in a free hotel and get to fly there for free… Yeah, you are totally right, we are super lucky to have this job with the lifestyle that comes along with it. Without further ado, here are 3 things you must do in Las Vegas.

I have to say, we are not always stuck in Las Vegas though. What if you were in Tulsa, OK? Or maybe Kansas City, MO? Yeah, thats when you may be obligated to agree with me in saying stuck. No offense to you if you are from Tulsa or Kansas City though!

3 things you must do in Las Vegas

So what do you do?

There are a ton of things to in the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada but what do you do if you are limited on time, don’t wanna get hammered, and don’t wanna lose money in the casinos? Well, thats what I am here to provide some options on. This article is based on things I have personally done and honestly, may be written about many more times with new options. I have been at least a half dozen times and try new things each time (that I can afford, that is!).

The most beautiful thing about travel and adventure is that you can go to the same city a hundred times and if you are adventurous enough, you can have a totally different experience each time. Whether you travel often for fun or for work, you gain the experience that cannot be taught. I absolutely love the fact that if I take my brother somewhere or my mother I can cater activities to what they like because I have explored there before. Travel is so amazing. Without further ado, I present the first list of many to come for the fabulous Las Vegas.

3 things you must do in Las Vegas

#1 The Chandelier Lounge

This was one of the first bars Johnny took me to in Las Vegas and it is still one of my favorites. When I came on a layover with him here the first time we started walking through all these hotels and giant malls. They were like things I had never seen before. We ended up at the

Cosmopolitan Hotel. When you get to the Cosmo, you go up the stairs towards the food court area where things like Eggslut and Momofuku. The drinks are super pricey, but you’re in Vegas, so do it! I love the style of drinks they have, and since I am the normal boring person I always am, I get the same drink every time. I get the American Gothic which has Woodford Reserve, Ancho Chile Liqueur, Amaro Melletti & Ancho Chai Marsala Tea Syrup. It hits you right in the tasters hardcore at first, but is so damn delicious! You should at least check this place out once, if not once per visit. Also, add this 1 of the 3 things you must do in Las Vegas if you like craft cocktails.

3 things you must do in Las Vegas

#2 Gordon Ramsey Steak

Gordon Ramsey is one of our favorites to watch on tv, whether he is yelling at a helpless kitchen staff on kitchen nightmares or he is teaching how to make a dish on Master Chef. I really enjoy his style, and when I went to his restaurant at the Paris Hotel, I expected the absolute best. The best greeting, the fastest welcome from our server, the best presentation from the sommelier, and of course the most tasty and beautifuly presented dishes.

We made our reservations beforehand, which if you have ever gone to a popular restaurant before you NEED to

do this. This was probably one of the first restaurants of this caliber that I had ever been to. It most definitely did not disappoint. I was totally impressed with the service in all aspects. I ordered the prix fixe menu and after each dish, they cleared my silver and plate and scraped the crumbs off the table. So cool! You must add at least this one of the 3 things you must do in Las Vegas to your list. If you want to read about my experience, check out my Yelp review below, and while you are at it, add me as a friend on there to keep up with my experiences.

Read Zach T.‘s review of Gordon Ramsay Steak on Yelp
3 things you must do in Las Vegas


The best way to end an afternoon on the strip in Las Vegas is to see a show of some kind. There are endless variety shows and concerts on a nightly basis. Whether you like music, acrobatics, burlesque, or even theater you can find something that will entertain you. One of our favorites is the Cirque de Soleil style shows. Le Reve is not branded like this, but the same style. It is probably my favorite show that I’ve seen thus far.

This show is at the Wynn Hotel. Which, in and of itself is a great hotel and casino with so many options of entertainment. The show is in a round theater with seats all the way around. The stage is water and occasionally platforms emerge from below. I was in awe the whole time. The show started out with a girl who is faced with a dream. Within this dream, she sees two different guys who represent different personalities. She goes back forth with these two in different scenes. The acrobatics and water make for an exciting show that makes you hold your breath to see what is going to happen. People pop up from under the water in full costumes. The thing that amazed me was where all the actors were even coming from. Like what the hecj, there are all of the sudden 8 sets of feet with red high heels on doing an underwater dance.

That’s about all, folks.

Hopefully these 3 things you must do in Las Vegas spark your interest into the things you can do in Las Vegas in one evening. There are of course hundreds of things you can do, and I will write about other experiences in the future. No matter what you do, enjoy it, savor it with someone you love, and share the experience! Another tip for you, if you are going to do a show or dinner MAKE RESERVATIONS or BUY TICKETS Before hand, even if only a few hours. Tickets in Vegas go suddenly and quickly. We use for most of our tickets as they give a nice discount, so make sure to check them out.

Your turn! If you have been to Las Vegas, what has been your favorite food, entertainment, or drinks? What should we try the next time we are there? Make sure to share with us, we would love to hear from you!

3 things you must do in Las Vegas