How to get the best seat on the plane

how to get the best seat on the plane

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This post is dedicated to the person sitting next to the 7 people in line at a lavatory right now..

For real though, this is going to be a rant/rave and tips on NOT getting stuck in the last row of an airplane. This is your guide on how to get the best seat on the plane. Or really, how to not get stuck sitting by the lavatory unless you really need to.

So, if you are still reading this, I am assuming you have been there.

The inspiration from this post comes from me CHOOSING the last row like a dummy the other day on a flight from Curacao to Miami. I was originally thinking it was a good idea to move from row 22 to 34 because there was no one in the middle seat.

Come to find out, when the line for lav is 7 deep and the other passengers are bumping you every time they move, and THEN the smell from the lav in the middle of a 3-hour flight is hitting you… It sucked. I have compiled, or should I say as I am writing this, I am coming up with some tips to help insure you don’t get stuck as I did. Tips that will tell you how to get the best seat on the plane.

*Buy your ticket from the airline directly

There are definitely times to use other methods of buying a ticket, like if you want a super cheap flight. That means that you are willing to sit wherever the airline has room for you. We will get into that in a bit but for now I am speaking to the ballers who have their life together and are willing to make themselves happy at almost any expense. Wow, I just said ballers.. what the.. never mind.

So, back to the topic at hand. When you want to for sure pick your seat, make sure to use the airlines’ direct website to buy your seat. This will give you the control to pick your seat at the time of purchase, and even up until like an hour until departure. I have put together a list of some airline links below to help you in this process.

Its pretty simple, actually. If you can follow this step alone, you will know how to get the best seat on the plane. Which leads me into the next step of making sure of that. Use your resources to make sure you know what plane you are going to be on. Believe it or not the Boeing 737 and the Airbus 321 Actually have different layouts. Holy hell, Zach..Your telling me that all airplanes are not the same, regardless of what I say to you? THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I’M TELLING YOU!!! Your welcome.

One of the best tools to figure out how a specific plane is laid out per fleet and aircraft is Seatguru.

Now, an intermission to let all the smart ones leave and pick their seats.

If you do not wish to continue to the cheaper airfare hacks, now is your last chance to deplane… I mean, last chance to look over to the left and pick a new, post to read. While you do that, I am jamming out to my newly found catchy tunes from Post Malone.

Alright, so you want a good seat, but its more important to get a good deal?

No worries, I totally get it and I am still a junior flight attendant so I am with you. Actually I travel non revenue, so I am probably cheaper than you. I am sure you have heard of Kayak and Expedia. These are great tools to use to get cheap fairs. The only downside to this, along with using travel agents is that you don’t have complete control over your seat selection, and you cannot change it easily without a fee. With travel agents, if they are good and you have a good communication channel with them you can essentially skip the booking yourself but I would be totally up front with them in where you want to sit. Look at the flight if you can and see where you want to sit then let them know.

Some resources for you, to help find good deals are below

These websites and tools are great ways to ensure you can get the best bang for your buck and assist you in how to get the best seat on the plane. Make sure to look at a few of them, mainly because different companies can get you deals based on different preferences. Hopefully, soon we will post more detailed information on these different websites.

Well, that about concludes my post on NOT having to sit next to the most smelly place on the plane. Make sure you learn how to pack like a flight attendant to make your trip even that much better. If you have any additional tips or comments let us know below. It’s super easy since you logged into your facebook already just start typing! No registration required. If you like this article make sure to sign up for our weekly emails with highlights from our week and featured posts. Until next time safe travels!