Mushroom Risotto

how to make mushroom risotto

This post will tell you how to make mushroom risotto. Scroll to the bottom for the recipe to get right to cooking.

What is Risotto?

Risotto is a staple of Northern Italy. It is a starchy rice flavored with broth and wine. There is so much starch in this rice that you don’t even need to add cream to give Risotto its signature creamy texture. It is a...

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The 3 things you must do in Las Vegas if you’re there for only a day.

But for real, if you only have one day in Las Vegas, what are your plans?

With our jobs, we often find ourselves "stuck" in cities for only 10-24 hours and many times they are places that we have never been before. Las Vegas is one of our favorites to get stuck in.. Kinda funny how I say stuck and your probably thinking "those bastards get to go Las Vegas for free and stay in a free hotel and get to fly...

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