10 Tips for Packing a Personal Carry-on bag

Your personal carryon should always be by your side. It should never, ever go in the overhead bin or out of your sight. This bag is so important that you should probably have a tracking device attached to it, or at least a pair of handcuffs attaching it to you. When I travel for work or fun, my personal bag is always by my side, even if it cramps the small space underneath the...

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Packing a Lunch

You got it easy, 9 to 5'ers

When you work for a regular 9 to 5 job you barely give a second thought to packing a lunch for the day. Perhaps you pack a small box containing a sandwich with chips and a cookie, maybe a cup of soup and a cup of ramen, or sometimes even leftovers from nights past. You...

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One Day At Disney Sea (and how we did it)

tokyo disney sea

What even is DisneySea?

I'm not going to lie until we were planning this trip I really didn't know that much about it. I had heard there was a Disneyland there but that is about it. I'd say the reason I never researched going to Tokyo Disneyland is that I just didn't think this little Alabama boy would ever make it across the world. But life is full of surprises, good and bad. Here is our One Day At...

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19 Hours in Washington DC

Large and In Charge

Zach is on reserve this month, which means he will be scheduled to fly when Crew Scheduling needs him. He doesn’t have a set flying schedule. Say for instance a flight attendant calls-in sick for their scheduled trip at the last minute. A reserve flight...

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Tokyo in 4 days (how do we do it??)

Lets go to Tokyo!

Sure, why not! How do we do Tokyo in 4 days? How do we get there? How do we get time off work, and how long should we go to make sure it's worth it? These are only a couple of questions that ran through my head when the idea was proposed. Sure, we have jobs that allow us a benefit of traveling for free or almost next to nothing but there are so many other things that go...

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Tokyo Day 4

A decision to go outside Tokyo

We really wanted to see other cities in Japan. The urge to get out of the city finally got the best of us. We decided to do a day excursion. Our main concern was getting to and from the tour. We didn’t want to have to worry about figuring out another train system or public transportation. 

Zach gets to researching...

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Tokyo Day 3

Today is the big day: figuring out how to navigate the gigantic city of Tokyo. When we flew into Haneda, Zach got to chatting up with our Flight Attendants. He learned from them that most signs in Japan are also in English, which seems both incredible and suspicious. We didn’t want to get our hopes up.

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Tokyo Day 2

Still adjusting to the time change

We are still adjusting to the time change. This is really going to be the bane of our existence later.

We wake up at 4am Tokyo time, which is 12pm in Los Angeles. The crazy thing is that there is light outside, the sun is rising. Land of the Rising Sun, right? We lay in bed for a few hours. I go down to the cafe to try...

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Tokyo Day 1

how do we get to tokyo?

Traveling Premium Class

We board American Airlines flight 27 to Haneda International Airport. We luckily got good seats on our plane flight. Zach and his brother got Flagship 1st Class and I got Business Class. Both were roomy, comfy, private, and you get personalized service. It made the 11hour flight incredibly comfortable. We had lie flat seats, bathroom for just premium customers, and we didn’t have...

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