Christmas Tree Picking

Meeting Georgie

I became good friends with a fellow flight attendant after working together for a month. He lives in Minneapolis and during the first week of December he and his husband begin the holidays by driving miles into the country to a Christmas tree farm to cut their own tree. It is their yearly tradition going back years.

I was so...

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8 Tips for Visiting the Mayan Tulum Ruins

Mayan Tulum Ruins

The Mayan Tulum Ruins are located in Mexico, on the Yucatan Peninsula. The Tulum Ruins have been around since at least AD 1200 when the ruins were said to be occupied. The Mayan Tulum Ruins are one of the best-preserved Mayan coastal sites drawing tourists from around the world to learn of the amazing Mayan civilization.

Table of contents...

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Traveling on Delta

Part 3

Today is the day we take all the knowledge and preparation I have gathered for you in the first two parts of this series and put it to use. All that extra planning and research into airports and airplanes, seats and entertainment, apps and meals, will come into play as Zach and I travel to Los...

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Preparing to Travel

Part 2 of Buying Your Plane Ticket series

In my previous post, I went through the process of buying a plane ticket. I took you through a strategy that maximized your day of travel. I used my knowledge as a flight attendant to help construct a day of travel that kept in mind possible irregular airline operations, like delays or cancellations. I also took into consideration the benefit of a...

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Two Day Trip to LAX

Day 1

I am working a 2-day trip. I will be working position 11 on the Boeing 777-300 to Los Angeles, California. Come with me as I work this flight.

It is a 540am sign in. Ugh, that’s pretty miserable. It means that I have to get up around 4am to shower and Uber to the...

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