Fancy Bars

If you are like us, we love to sit down at a bar with exquisite decor and top shelf drinks. From Vegas to NYC read about our favorites, and tell us about yours!



diver bar in denver

Dive Bars

Sometimes you are just in the mood for a nice cold beer and maybe a game of pool or ping pong. Dive bars are a great place to meet fun people, learn about a new city, and just relax. 

speakeasy bar LA

Speakeasy Bars

Do you ever just want to get away? Imagine stepping into another reality somewhere that you aren’t. Whether stepping into the 1920’s or into a Jazzy New Orleans bar, we have seen some really neat speakeasy bars. 

gay bar san francisco

Gay Bars

Gay bars can be fun, and sometimes too much. For the most part we don’t go to a ton of these, but every once in a while we find a nice relaxed one that we will spend a few bucks in. 

Tiki Bars

Tiki was a lost thing until the early 80’s when people like Jeff Berry made it a mission to figure out the recipes. Now there is a resurgence that is so much fund and even more interesting to experience. 

Nomads lounge, Disneys animal kingdom

Disney Bars

We love going to Disney Parks and hotels. Just as much as we love the parks and rides and ambiance, the Disney bars are just the same. They have a little bit of all the categorical bars that we have mentioned.

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tiki bar tour flight of the nomads

So, Tiki bars are still a thing? Hell yeah they are and we are on a quest to find the coolest and most dangerous ones if you know what I mean. Tiki Bars are one of the foundations of the current mixology scene. From the original Mai Tai to the ever so potent Zombie we are trying them all, and at Tikis across the country. Research is key, and to find the most legitimate ones you need to visit the ones you find and talk to the hard core Tiki goers and historians.