Just Hello.

The perfect way to greet a new friend. I’m Johnny, and this is my partner, Zach. We are Flight of the Nomads.

You, new friend, have found our travel blog. But its more than just travel. It ’s what we love.  We love eating. We love cooking. We love traveling for work. We drink until our minds are bliss. We love till our heart’s content. So, Hello from a restaurant. Hello from our far off places. Hello from our kitchen. And hello from our hearts.

Here we intend to share our stories. We are flight attendants and this gives us a unique perspective on the world. We will share our experiences from favorite gay-friendly spots like restaurants in the heart of Boystown, Chicago, Il, the Gayborhood in Dallas, Texas. We will share unique bars from San Francisco to Portland to Seattle to Miami. We will take you down alleys and roads not usually traveled in New York, Boston and Philadelphia. We will offer our recommendations for books to read and recipes to use for that special someone.

With our job, we deal with an incredible amount of people going to many different places. Just as they are going place, these people have also come from many different places. My partner Zach engages these people. He’s chatted with company executives, artists from Pixar, and Distillers and Brewers. He’s able to get great places to go to simply by saying Hello to someone. I’m not the most adventurous guy, and I will probably never have the same gall as Zach when it comes to striking up conversations with random people. I’m more of a “Hello” from behind the computer screen. And, like most of us, and definitely since I hired on as a Flight Attendant, I’m here just to go along for the ride.

Truly, exploring the world and the people going about in it, we can see the connection that we make with those around us.

I hope our adventures will give you a chance to see the lives of flight attendants and the lives of a gay couple. We hope you’ll be able to share our sandy beaches off Barbados, the freezing cold of Chicago, and the constantly perfect California sun. If you’re gay or straight or still discovering who you are, we invite you to say Hello to us from your favorite restaurant, from your far off places, from your kitchen, and from your heart.

Everything Love,

From Jay to Zee

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